Be a Freemason


• The Grand Lodge of Spain is the majority Masonic Obedience in Spain, and the only Masonic Body that maintains ties of friendship and recognition with all the regular Grand Lodges around the world. With them he shares the ancient principles of the universal Masonic Fraternity and its initiatory transmission.

• Universally recognized Freemasonry groups more than six million members worldwide.

• The Grand Lodge of Spain currently has around 3,000 members distributed in 170 lodges throughout the geography of the State that work different Masonic Rites: Emulation, Old and Accepted Scottish, York, Modern French, Rectified Scottish, Swedish Rite, Schroeder.


The entry into Freemasonry is based on a free, individual and responsible decision. Freemasonry does not make any type of proselytizing, so any request must emanate from the will and conviction of the applicant.

The Grand Lodge of Spain is an institution that is absolutely open to all those interested in knowing more about Freemasonry, either out of simple curiosity or because they contemplate the possibility of applying for membership. We consider that it is highly recommended to have sufficient knowledge about the principles and purposes of Freemasonry in order to make a free and well-founded decision.

Requirements to be a Mason

Any person who is interested in belonging to Freemasonry must meet the following three requirements:

• Be a FREE person, since the request for initiation to Freemasonry must be the result of innate individual freedom, far from any pressure, influence, dependence, or circumstance that coerce.

• To be a person of GOOD CUSTOMS, that is to say, trustworthy, honest in his private life, in his way of working, and of good reputation.

• BELIEVE IN A SUPERIOR PRINCIPLE or First Cause of everything created, which is commonly called as God, and that Masons, always respecting the freedom of the individual before any particular belief, named as Grand Architect of the Universe.

In addition, to be a member you must be male, over 21 years of age, without distinction of nationality, social group or religion, have a minimum capacity to understand the philosophical concepts of the Order and have a “science, art, trade, or rent “as expressed in the old guidelines of the Order.

Admission procedure

A candidate may be recommended by a member of the Lodge in which he wishes to enter, or submit his request directly to the Lodge. Your request is read in a meeting and passed to a committee composed of two or three members of the Workshop, who, separately, interview the petitioner in order to get to know each other, clarify ideas and answer their possible questions.

After the report of the commission to the Lodge, and if there is a firm request from the petitioner, it is put to vote by secret and universal suffrage of the members of the Lodge and, if accepted, begins the process that will lead to his Initiation and his entry into Freemasonry as one more member of the Lodge, with no more rights and obligations than those determined by the Masonic degree.

Membership of the Order

Membership of the Order entails rights and obligations:

• Have some time available to attend meetings and commissions.

• Have a sufficient means of living to practice the Masonic method, pay the fees, and make modest contributions to charities.

• Maintain an ethical coherence with their ideals inside and outside the Order.

• Work for moral progress, reason, justice, tolerance, love of neighbor and a right conscience.

• Commitment to the Order and its members to study, assimilate and deepen the principles, values, and ancient uses of Freemasonry, in order to make effective the initiation legacy transmitted to it.

Any member of Freemasonry can freely leave, in his Lodge or in Obedience, immediately. Although it is also possible to stop belonging to a Masonic jurisdiction to be excluded from it as a disciplinary measure, either for unworthy acts in private life, or for committing any proper masonic regulation.

Membership in Freemasonry does not imply any kind of material advantage.

Ideological discussions about politics and religion are not allowed.