Rt. W. Bro. Mark F. Peers
Provincial Grand Master of the Canary Islands






Welcome to the website of the Provincial Grand Lodge of the Canary Islands, under the obedience of the Grand Lodge of Spain - Grande Oriente Español. This website is aimed at Masons as well as those who are not.

For Freemasons, I hope you will find something of interest in this site as well as being part of it by providing interesting data and helping the web team to develop information for the benefit of all the Brethren of the Province. If you have something to contribute please contact us at the email address "glpcanarias@gle.org".

In the Private Area, accessible exclusively to registered Masons and members of this Masonic Province, there is an immense quantity of documentation and contents of interest: our Historical Archive of Decrees, Letters, Photos, Books and texts for Training and Instruction, our Charity Campaigns, Masonic Music, several application forms, as well as a network that allows a secured contact between Brethren.

For the non-masons, we have published information about the Freemasonry, our values and principles, the existing Lodges and the different collateral degrees present in our territory. I hope you will be encouraged to visit the public part of our website, as I am sure it will help you to get to know us better. Also we publish News about our activities and works in Spain.

If you have any questions about Freemasonry or if you want information in case you value being part of our Order, please contact us. It will be a pleasure to assist you at any time.

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